Electric Jidam – An imaginary band of robots and man.

Electric Jidam was founded in 2008 by Peter Paulsen in Kiel, Germany as an electronic solo project. After a 12-year hiatus, EIectric Jidam is now back in 2024 with the new EP “In Space We Trust”. In the meantime, the project has evolved into an imaginary three-piece band with two virtual robots and a human bassist. The music ranges in the areas of breakbeat, synthwave and fusion. While the virtual robots visualize the programmed drum and keyboard parts of the recorded music, they will be replaced by various human musicians for live performances that include extended group improvisations.

Electric Jidam is:
Hexter (bot SY35): keybords, synthesizers, loops & samples
Peter Paulsen (human): electric bass guitar, synthesizers, effects & loops
Hydrogen (bot RX7): drums, percussion, loops & samples